The creative universe of Maison Gedler combines sharpness and elegant sensuality with fun-fashion experimentation that gives his prêt à porter a hint of couture for the men and women who don’t want to take life too serious. Gedler brings the captivating tension of dusk to a new cutting-edge contemporary collection. Enthused by the happy hours when city streets are inundated with a sunset and offices are abandoned for cocktails and as-yet unknown possibilities, Gedler personifies a balance between sophistication and effortlessness, adventurous and confident allure. The collection’s modern aesthetic embraces couture details, resulting in clothing that draws their sleekness and sexiness from the people wearing them.

Bridal Collection

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Spring Summer 2018 collection

Inspired in a modern Dolce Vita, Giancarlo has created the Spring | Summer 2018 limited edition collection for today's women... Using her individual style to express her unique personality.



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