La Maison

About Maison Gedler 

A leading pioneer in the Miami fashion industry, Giancarlo Gedler is an established fashion designer known for his creations, entrepreneurial spirit and engagement in the community. His style embraces architectural, and linear effects, combining luxurious fabrics and state of the art workmanship. 

Currently situated in the head of the financial district, Maison Gedler currently employs a team of over 10 craftsmen. Garments are fully created, designed and crafted locally.



The design is defined by a combination of elements balancing form and function with leading edge and timeless design.  it is also inextricably linked to the architectural and natural balance with technological notions.



Through the 4 years, Maison Gedler atelier research and development has allowed new methods to design consideration as well as functionality and comfort requirements. Technical properties are key to the creation process of each garment, giving the options to our customers of not wrinkles pieces, traveling pieces and all season garments. 



Maison Gedler deeply cares about the environment. The Maison preferred fabrics are produced in an eco-compatible way that addresses protection of the environment and equal employment opportunities. The key characteristics of these fashion like endurance and sun block technology reduce negative environmental impact. The timeless design and limited fabric waster contribute to limiting ecological footprint on the planet.