Giancarlo Gedler is an American fashion designer Inspired by the many great fashion houses of today, Giancarlo uses his extensive multi-faceted design background to create his collection renderings for the each season. 

His appreciation for fashion at a young age thanks to his mother sewing classes, where he learned to appreciate the elegance of the Venezuelan Women, the aesthetic richness of diverse heritages and environments. His first art encounter was with architecture, which he studies in Venezuela, but he soon found himself looking for another way to express himself, that's when he found fashion.

His passion for design and learning more has taking to seek other aspects of fashion, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and Fashion Design at Miami International University of Art and Design and the Style Design College in Milan.  

Armed with the knowledge of lines, volume, structure from his architectural background, Gian opens his atelier in the United States.  shortly he got international recognition and is a proud member of the South Florida fashion group. 

Since his presentation during Funkshion Fashion Week in Miami, where his designs were highlighted by sharp tailored lines. Since then his styles have become renowned for balancing the eclectic and contemporary aesthetic with a radical modernism. 

Giancarlo’s multicultural background constitutes an enormous source of inspiration, as well as his unique way of telling stories in which he draws on his multi-design educations and Venezuelan/German heritage. 

For its originality, crafted and exploration into other art forms, Giancarlo was a participant at the Design Genius London season 5 reality show in the Philippines's. The designer was nominated as designer of the year in the category women ready to wear by the International Fashion Group in 2017.

Giancarlo Geller's design reflects his architectural inspiration while creating new shapes, proportions that are timeless, contemporary and feminine, which always include a touch of drama.